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AWEDP Forum is a  nonprofit registered in the United States of America. We are dedicated to empowering women through knowledge and partnerships. Our activities are driven and defined by partnership and our central focus is on how essential it is to create partnerships between what was traditionally the implementer and the beneficiary; between women themselves and between various approaches to development. Our interdisciplinary approach also brings together other organisations working for the advancement of women. We encourage girls to go to school and stay in school through our books and clothes donations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, encourage, and support women towards greater realisation of their role in local grassroots and international development through education and training, information & advice and health issues.

Our Objectives

  • -To help educate and encourage immigrant women who come into the United States knowing little of what they will face. Our major vision is to establish a partnership amongst women in Africa and the world through networking and partnership.
  • -To establish a partnership amongst women in Africa and the world through networking and partnership.
  • -To educate and encourage immigration and integration into the western world.
  • -To educate and encourage international immigration and integration.
  • -Educate women and girls on their rights and how to live in peace in their communities where their rights are in total conflict with the culture. Educate women and girls on their civil rights within their culture and communities.
  • -Build a home and have a base in Africa (Cameroon) that will train and educate women to meet their social, economic, health, and human rights needs.
  • -Encourage the education of youths, young women and mothers in traditional settings.
  • -Encourage the education of women about HIV and AIDS and the responsible they have within the crisis.

Board of Directors

Veronica Kette: CEO and Coordinator

Thomas Tantoh: Treasurer


Dr. Martha Ngwainmbi
Dr. Beatrice Gwena
Delphine Gwemia Teh (Assistant Manager of the Labour Saving Project for Small Holder Farmers in Cameroon)

African Partners:

Dr. Kuwoh Pius
Dr.Vivian Nkumbah
Mildred Nsai
Grace Nforcho
Dahlia Anthony (Consultant, London)