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Humanitarian Assistance

  • In some parts of Africa including Cameroon, women cannot inherit wealth from their fathers and wives cannot inherit wealth from their husbands.
  • Whatever a woman has accrued over the years is inherited by either a brother or a male in-law if she has no son.

Early and Forced Marriage

  • Some young girls are given to marriage when they are yet unborn to concretize a father’s friendship or pay a debt.
  • They get married as ransom for a peace treaty.
  • They get married off because they are believed to be good only for procreation – they cannot determine how many children they want or when they want them. It is the decision of the man.

Widow’s Rights

  • Widows are often treated unfairly in some African Nations, in Cameroon, they are frown upon and sometimes accused of killing their husband. This means that the inheritance from their husbands is often not handed to them nor can they receive their late husband’s pension.

Human Rights

  • In some parts of Africa and Cameroon, the rights of a woman are often determined by her husband.
  • Primarily, women are given the impression of being reproductive beings and sexual partners.
  • Often women are treated poorly by their husbands, in laws and other family members just because they are females.
  • It is disappointing to see the abuse and torture other women go through, especially if the are not married; especially after a certain age, the woman in question will often be discriminated against because she is unmarried.

Health Rights

  • Female Genital Mutilation (circumcision) is a sexist tradition which deprives the woman of sexual pleasure and exposes her to torture, disease, and ridicule.

The Right to Education

  • In many parts of contemporary Africa, families would rather have male than female children because the old belief holds that only male can inherit property and provide for their polygamous homes.
  • These days in Cameroon, many families are surviving thanks to the educated female. When an educated male get married, the family property passes into the hands of the in-laws.
  • Many parents are however rethinking the strategy as female are more and more proving to be the better option. Many uneducated mothers are doing all within their power to send their daughter’s to school.


  • It is amazing how much Africans submit to their cultural heritage. The influence of this culture brings women to accept that it is wrong for a woman to seduce her own husband to have sex with her. If she did, she would be thought of as a prostitute. It is wistful thinking by anyone to suggest that a man can be married to just one woman. It is abhorrent for any man in the name of culture to encourage and enforce female genital mutilation. Women are made to feel it is their fault when girls are delivered (often male children are what most Africans want as they are the stronger sex, they are expected to work in farms and other physical) and she could be returned to her parents. These are a few example of extreme injustice towards women within most African communities and society at large.
  • When justice, equality, and rights to prosperity are experienced by women, we strongly believe, the world would be a better place to live in. AWEDP-F is convinced from all statistics that women and girls can make a difference in the world.